28 – 29 January 2014: Mon Repos

We checked into The Absolute Waterfront Caravan Park at Bargara.  As the wind was howling we took one of the back sites.  It’s an old park but the facilities were clean & it was only about a 10 minute drive to Mon Repos.  The camp located at Mon Repos has closed as the owner is a greeny and doesn’t need the money anyway.

A visit to Bundy has to entail some stocking up on the local distillled beverages.  We also bought some fresh prawns and coral trout from the local seafood co-op, they were fantastic.
We arrived 30 minutes early at Mon Repos & were told that a nest of turtles had started hatching so we were let in early & got to see the tiny loggerheads emerge from the sand in day light.  They brought around a few for us to hold & take photos & I was quite amazed at how strong their little flippers were.  After about an hour and a half they had all come out & were being contained in a small mesh barrier.  We were formed into a guard of honour down to the water and they were released en mass. The ranger stood at the waters edge and they all headed towards the light and began their 8 year round the world trip.  It would then be another 18 or so years before it was their turn to lay eggs.  All the shells are then dug up and counted and logged, including about 12 that hadn’t developed.  A very special event and well worth the effort.

Bargara Absolute Beachfront Caravan Park
Walking to view turtles hatching at Mon Repos
A quick look before release

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