Friday 29 October 2010 Clare to Adelaide

We left Clare and headed for Adelaide, but I wanted to visit Kapunda and see where Sydney Kidman lived on the way.  It’s seems to be a very historic mining town with lots of character and some very nice old houses.  The Kidman residence was donated to the High School along with the 5 acres it was situated on.  A very impressive building.  Their original house is out of sight and overgrown by trees and weeds.  The new owners mustn’t want people looking in at them all the time.  We entered Adelaide via the new northern expressway, which made the trip a lot quicker than we had expected.  The rain had started and the winds were on their way, which is fairly common for here.  We dropped in on Jason, Maddie and Oliver and had some fantastic Chinese takeaway for dinner.

Thursday 28 October 2010 Clare

Well we thought we had recovered sufficiently from our bike ride 2 days ago, wrong!!!  We set out from Clare to ride the northern end of the trail, which was about 9 klms each way.  There was little signage and no rest points constructed as this part of the trail has only just been opened.  The first 4-5 klms were up hill which took it out of us pretty much, but the worst was the pain in our butts that were still a bit delicate from our previous ride.  We had to walk some parts which was a great relief.  After lunch we went to Knappstein Winery/Brewery in Clare for some tastings.  A rich flavoured beer that had a very unique flavour.  The wines weren’t anything special so went dropped in to Tim Adam’s Winery.  It is the first time I have ever seen Debbie like every wine that she tasted.  They must be very special!  It was a very tiring day so it was back to camp for a nanna nap.

Tuesday 26 October 2010 Clare

Another nice day and we mounted our pushbikes and headed off on the Riesling Trail, which is a bike/walking track that follows the old train line route.   The idea is to take various exits and have lunch at a pub or vineyard and do some wine tastings on the way.  But we rode from Clare to Watervale, about 15 kilometres each way up and down gradual hills as we went.  We thought we would visit the wine cellars by car tomorrow, as venturing off the trail meant you had to go on roads and up steep hills in places.  We did have tender butts , but the scenery was beautiful and needed the exercise anyway.  Pizza for dinner is justified!

Sunday 24 October 2010 Day trip to Auburn

A beautiful day today and we’re off to meet Jason, Madie and Oliver for lunch at Auburn.  It’s a quaint little town with a lovely park and lots of history, as do many towns in the area.  We decided on The Rising Sun Hotel for lunch and ate too much as usual.  On our return journey we decided that Clare Caravan Park had a lot more appeal and that we had had enough of the coastal winds for now, so we would move there tomorrow.

Saturday 23 October 2010 Port Germein

I think the oysters I ate upset my tummy a bit during the night so we ended up having a sleep in this morning.  It was still blowing and cloudy so we decided to go for a drive around the area.  We visited Port Pirie and washed the car at the car wash as it had a good layer of bugs on it by now.  We drove to Telowie Gorge and walked the 1.6 klm return track, then drove on up the Port Germein Gorge road and stopped in at Glenholme Vinyards at Blesing’s Garden.  The owner was very friendly and provided wine tastings and Devonshire teas.  We continued on towards Laura and came across an Olive Grove/Café and had a late lunch with some oil tasting.  Very nice meals and unfortunately we were then too full to have any of Laura’s famous ice creams.  There were a number of forestry trails and survey tracks through the hills but it was getting late in the day so we returned to the van to hide from the wind which had gotten stronger as the day went on.

Friday 22 October 2010 Port Germein

The wind had blown in from the north boosting temperatures into the low 30’s.  Fuel consumption was noticeably heavier going into the wind and it was great once we passed through Port Augusta heading south, now with a tail wind.  We pulled into Port Germein CV Park and caught up on some washing etc.  The park owners are very friendly and explained how they hire crab pots and supply bait for park visitors who want to walk out on the 1.5 klm long jetty and catch some blue swimmer crabs.  We’ll try that if and when the wind drops. 

We went to the pub for dinner and for a town of about 200 or so people it was a pretty lively night.  When you looked around the bar you saw the wildest bunch of characters including the hairiest barman I’ve ever seen.  There was a fat lady and man singing and they were quite good, with plenty of bantering going on between them and the crowd.  We had a brain-fried druggy with coke bottle glasses and a western shirt jigging away beside us and his conversation made Ozzie Osborne sound intelligent.  But the surprising thing was everyone was having a great time and the mix of characters added to the atmosphere.

Thursday 21 October 2010

We left Lincoln National Park and headed up the east coast of the Eyre Peninsula as we had a number of places recommended to us.  We visited Boston Bay Winery that had a great view of the harbour just north of Port Lincoln.  The wines weren’t too bad luckily, as we needed to restock supplies.  We checked out a number of spots including Tumby Bay, Lipson Cove (Beautiful little beach), Arno Bay and Cowell.  We bought some oysters at Cowell Roadhouse and headed for Point Lowley for the night.  It’s a free camp that’s virtually in the car park of the boat ramp about 300 metres from a lighthouse.  There’s a rock wall to fish off, but I only caught weeds and rocks as usual.  This spot is very popular and you need to get in early and the flies were prolific and very friendly.