2-3 February 2014: Heading North – St Lawrence, Carmila Beach & Guthalungara

On the road again heading north up the Bruce Hwy while Laurie & Helen went to 1770 for a couple of days to try & catch those elusive fish.  There was several stop & goes along the way which we really can’t complain about as the majority of this road is in very good condition, especially when compared to the Warrego Hwy.

We pulled into the St Lawrence Recreation Grounds for the night which had been recommended by many people.  We were not disappointed as the facilities were excellent & the wetlands were a beautiful backdrop.  There was also plenty of magpie geese due to the recent heavy rains. There is a donation box which I don’t have a problem with contributing to, but I doubt any of the backpackers in their wiz-bang vans did.

Along the Bruce Hwy the next day we were surrounded by heaps of water which was only half a metre or so below the road level.  Unfortunately we had a bright idea to go into Carmila Beach free camp & check it out while we had smoko.  There’s a track running parallel to the beach with lots of small tracks branching off leading to individual camp sites.  My advice is walk into the camp sites as they can be quite boggy, as I found out the hard way.  Well, I don’t really consider it as bogged as I got myself out by digging around the tyres & letting them down to 20psi.  This I call a momentary pause.

We  passed through numerous showers & pulled up at another great free camp/rest area at Guthalungara. In peak times I imagine this would be packed out quite early.  And guess what? We’re near a rail line again.  Just like back home.

St Lawrence Recreation Grounds
Momentary pause at Carmila Beach

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