30 January – 2 February 2014: Lake Monduran

Travelled to Lake Monduran & stayed at the caravan park at the dam.  Unfortunately the free camp is no more and we were forced to pay $34 per night for a powered site. The facilities are good but it gets up my nose when they close the free camps & up the caravan park fees.

Laurie & Helen came to spend a few days with us as we were waiting for weather up north to settle from a Cat 2 cyclone.  Laurie had his tinny so we set out to catch some monster barra.  With permits and some fantastic lures we fished & fished & fished, but to no avail.  I don’t know what it is but when we fish together we don’t catch fish.

After losing a couple of lures to trees over 3 days Laurie decided to pack the boat up.  This was after he somehow dropped his best rod over the back of the boat.  We were in about 30ft of water so not surprisingly his attempts to snag it up were fruitless.  Just the same, there was some beautiful scenery out on the lake & it’s a great way to get out & appreciate it.

Look out fish hear we come!
Aaagh, the tranquility

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