Western Australia 2015 Part 1


Well don’t die of shock but have started on our Western Australia travels at long last. This has been quite a work out for the old brain to recall our travels from last year.

Bromus Dam 29 May

After crossing the Nullabour, we headed south to Esperance. We camped at a free camp south of Norseman, Bromus Dam. Bromus Dam was built in 1925/26 by the railways to supply water for the early steam trains that plied from Coolgardie & Esperance. We followed the pipeline from the dam to the tank where we discovered a cache. Quite an interesting walk. Prior to deciding to camp at Bromus Dam, we checked out a free camp, Jilah Rockhole south of Mundrabilla. It gave us the opportunity to test out the Tyre Monitoring System on the van when we staked a tyre😏.  Worth every cent.

Grass Patch 30 May

Continuing south, we then spent a night at a community caravan park at Grass Patch. A great little spot for a night or two, with power, water, amenities, BBQ & fire pit for $20. Love supporting these community caravan parks. And we remembered to find the cache.

Esperance 31 May

While exploring Esperance we camped at a Caravan Overnight Farmstay, Patroni Olive Farm for $5 pn, no facilities. They showed us the process they use for making their cold press olive oil still using a crusher & presser process from 500 years ago. It’s a husband & wife team doing all the work including picking the olives with a hand held shaker and net.


Cape Le Grand NP 

We drove out to Lucky Bay campground, Cape Le Grand NP. The sand was a brilliant white & the water was so blue & clear – just stunning. We also stopped and climbed Frenchman Peak. That was definitely not one of my favourite moments. I DO NOT enjoy climbing a bare rock face. I had a bit of a panic attack about half way up and had to tell Glen to continue without me as he was trying his best to encourage me, but I wasn’t feeling very receptive – I just wanted him to GO AWAY!!! Anyway, after sitting there for approx 10mins thinking about how I don’t want to go any further up, but also don’t want to attempt walking down and thinking where’s a helicopter when you need one, I finally decided to try to continue on up, trying not to think about how I was going to get down. I met a couple of ladies on their way down, one of which was coming down on her bum. I was just short of making it to the top. The last little bit was just too much of a stretch and just couldn’t do it, but was sort of pleased that I nearly made it. NEVER AGAIN:)

Quagi Beach 3 June 

A great camp for $10 per night with toilets. We drove out to Stokes National Park to do some geocaching and came across the ruins of Moir Homestead from the 1870s.

Quagi Beach to Hopetoun.

Munglinup Beach 7 June

Another great little campsite for $10 per night with toilets. You have the choice of staying at the caravan park further up the road or camping near the beach. Glen also enjoyed a bit of fishing.

Millers Point Reserve 10 June

$15 per night with drop toilets.  No Ranger came to collect fees and no box to drop money off so our stay was actually free.

Bremer Bay Caravan Park 12 June

Quite a nice, grassy van park near the mouth of the river.  Glen had enjoyed some fishing while here. The van park advised of a fishing spot along the river. While he was at the fish cleaning station, he got talking to someone and recommended Millers Point and how we camped for free due to no-one collecting fees – it turned out he was the Ranger – whoops. He was all good about it😉.

Cosy Corner 18 June

A free camp just west of Albany with toilets & dump point. There are 2 levels, the lower one right next to the beach, but completely shaded, so no go for solar.




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