Western Australia 2015 Part 3


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(1) Walpole 14 Sept – 1 Oct – house sit

Had a great time in Walpole looking after a house on five acres with a few sheep (who loved eating oranges), chooks (free eggs) & massive gardens of fruit, veg & flowering shrubs. Glen was in his element on the mower with the joy stick for steering. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to buy acreage just so he had an excuse to buy one😉. The next door neighbours, Dave & Patsy were very welcoming.

During our stay at Walpole, we went on the WOW boat cruise around the Walpole-Nornalup Inlets Marine Park out to the mouth of the inlet. You have the opportunity to walk over the sand dunes via a well worn track to the ocean side (our guide leads the way to check for a local snake that sometimes sleeps on the track😬). He then provides homemade cake, tea & coffee. The best part of the cruise is the knowledge he imparts and his very energetic personality. He has a box of dress up like items on the boat to help in describing & acting out whatever he is talking about – he was a bit like Steve Irwin in his enthusiasm.

We joined the neighbours for a night of entertainment by “The Old Fella” who came fourth I think, on Australia’s Got Talent at the local community hall. A good laugh was had by all, especially one lady who’s laugh was quite contagious. He offered to pay her to join him on his rounds of the towns😉.

Our sightseeing from Walpole included Valley of the Tree Tops Walk. Due to us already doing the Ottway Tree Top walk (which we found disappointing) and Tahune air walk in Tassie which we really enjoyed. Anyho so we decided to do the free guided tour around the base of the Tingle trees which was very informative and glad we did it. We drove out to Circular Pools, hiked up Mt Frankland & enjoyed the serenity at Fernhook Falls. Of course there was the obligatory honey tasting/purchasing, chocolate tasting, ice creams & fudge. We had the most expensive fish & chips at Peaceful Bay. Checked out Parry Beach & Conspicuous Cliff. Glen went fishing at Mandalay beach with Dave & Patsy, next door neighbours at Walpole. And remembered to do some geocaching.

Valley of the Giants

Circular Pools, Peaceful Bay & Conspicuous Cliff

(3) Greenbushes 2 Oct

It was time for us to head up to our house sit in Baldivis. Approximately 45mins south of Perth. Our first night was at Greenbushes campground in their sports complex. A great free camp with toilets & showers. On our way to Greenbushes we checked out The Diamond Tree (2) south of Manjimup. It is a Karri tree with a wooden viewing platform 52mt up, (well, so I’m told – neither Glen or I were in any hurry to climb it) and is the oldest wooden platform fire lookout still in use today. The Gloucester tree, the second tallest lookout tree in the world at 72mts is in Pemberton but you have to pay to see that one.

(4) Herron Point 3 Oct

What a great little spot. Only stayed one night, but have marked as a favourite for another time. Flushing toilets. The caretakers are sprucing up the place with artwork in the old toilets and the bins. No drinking water, but bore water for dishes etc. Fire rings for when the season permits. Great for the dogs on the beach. And don’t forget the geocache.

(5) Baldivis 4 – 27 Oct – house sit

In October, we spent three & half weeks house sitting at Baldivis looking after Gail & Adrian’s rammed earth house & 2 dogs which Sammy thoroughly enjoyed. Their dog Theo was a rescue dog and was a bit apprehensive but with Sammy’s help, he was able to overcome his fear of us, as you can see by the photo below.  Our favourite spot was taking in the serenity, sitting out the back in the pergola area listening to the water trickling over into the fish pond full of Koi. It gave us the opportunity to do sightseeing from Mandurah to Perth.

Kings Park, Perth


Cape Peron – Shoalwater Bay

(6) Lake Brockman Tourist Park 28 Oct

A bush setting caravan park with drop toilets – $30 per night powered which you need to be on as too many trees for solar.

(7) Stockton Lake 29 Oct

A great campsite for $15 per night with flushing toilets beside a beautiful turquoise lake that was just begging for us to go kayaking. Unfortunately also popular with locals with their V8 ski boats and doof door music:(

(8) Queerearrup Lake 30 Oct

A free camp beside a salt lake that somewhere down the track must have been used for water skiing, but the ramp was well & truly high & dry. The lake was dry when we arrived but after a shower of rain overnight, we woke to 2/3 of the lake covered in water. Each day we would wake to a bit more water in the lake even though there had been no more rain.

We then returned to Lake Nunijup (9) for a few days of R&R😉 before heading into Albany to have another element replaced in the Truma HWS😡.




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