Saturday 23 October 2010 Port Germein

I think the oysters I ate upset my tummy a bit during the night so we ended up having a sleep in this morning.  It was still blowing and cloudy so we decided to go for a drive around the area.  We visited Port Pirie and washed the car at the car wash as it had a good layer of bugs on it by now.  We drove to Telowie Gorge and walked the 1.6 klm return track, then drove on up the Port Germein Gorge road and stopped in at Glenholme Vinyards at Blesing’s Garden.  The owner was very friendly and provided wine tastings and Devonshire teas.  We continued on towards Laura and came across an Olive Grove/Café and had a late lunch with some oil tasting.  Very nice meals and unfortunately we were then too full to have any of Laura’s famous ice creams.  There were a number of forestry trails and survey tracks through the hills but it was getting late in the day so we returned to the van to hide from the wind which had gotten stronger as the day went on.


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