Friday 22 October 2010 Port Germein

The wind had blown in from the north boosting temperatures into the low 30’s.  Fuel consumption was noticeably heavier going into the wind and it was great once we passed through Port Augusta heading south, now with a tail wind.  We pulled into Port Germein CV Park and caught up on some washing etc.  The park owners are very friendly and explained how they hire crab pots and supply bait for park visitors who want to walk out on the 1.5 klm long jetty and catch some blue swimmer crabs.  We’ll try that if and when the wind drops. 

We went to the pub for dinner and for a town of about 200 or so people it was a pretty lively night.  When you looked around the bar you saw the wildest bunch of characters including the hairiest barman I’ve ever seen.  There was a fat lady and man singing and they were quite good, with plenty of bantering going on between them and the crowd.  We had a brain-fried druggy with coke bottle glasses and a western shirt jigging away beside us and his conversation made Ozzie Osborne sound intelligent.  But the surprising thing was everyone was having a great time and the mix of characters added to the atmosphere.


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