Tuesday 19 October 2010 Streaky Bay to Port Lincoln

Today we leave Streaky Bay quite reluctantly and promise ourselves to return to this very beautiful spot when possible.  We were heading for Farm Beach as recommended by some friends.  This turned out to be totally different from what we had imagined.  The campground looked a bit feral and the beach was out of sight about 300 metres away.  You could drive along the beach if you wanted but I wasn’t going to attempt it on our own.  It would be great here with a small group and even better if you had a tinny.

We continued on to Coffin Bay, which appeared very touristy and not what we were looking for.  So it was on to Port Lincoln, did some shopping and out to the Lincoln National Park at Fishermans Point.  This is a good 30-minute drive out of town on a good dirt road.  We wriggled into a camp spot amongst heath land scrub on a point with views of Port Lincoln on the other side of the bay.


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