Sunday 17 October 2010 Streaky Bay

We woke to a beautiful day and headed off for the two loop drives.  The first is the Cape Bauer Loop, which takes you along some of the most scenic coast you’ll find anywhere.  The water seems extra clear down here and has this striking azure blue colour to it.  The fishermen on the rocks have got to be keen and I don’t know how they get the fish up if it’s anything over a couple of kilos.  There are blowholes that whistle and gush.  Unfortunately not gushing water when we were there but the air rushing in and out was quite loud.
The second loop is the Westall Way, which is further down the coast displaying more spectacular coastline and even a bunch of sea lions lounging on the rocks and playing in the water.  We also saw miles of pure white sand dunes but didn’t venture far out into them, as it’s pretty remote if you get stuck.
These drives took us most of the day so we treated ourselves to dinner at the caravan park restaurant.  A low-key affair, but fantastic value for money.  I had a dozen of the best oysters I’ve ever had for entrée then we had lamb shanks and vegies.  Desert was apple crumble, cream and ice cream, Yummy!!

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