8 – 12 February 2014: Silkwood to Bluewater (Townsville)

On Saturday we went for a drive to Silkwood where we used to live 24 years earlier & visited Dina & Lou. They invited us to come & stay when we leave Babinda so we planned to return the next afternoon.
We drove to Cairns Saturday night for Greg’s 60th birthday party being held at Ridges Motel in Cairns. It absolutely poured down all the way with some guests being delayed by flooding coming from Townsville.  We enjoyed a great seafood buffet and ate far too much.
Sunday morning we moved on to Silkwood to spend a couple of nights with Dina & Lou.  We went to the Villa Monarco restaurant at Kurrimine Beach that night & enjoyed a 3 course BBQ buffet for $10 a head.  Great food & great friends made for a very enjoyable evening.
One thing about visiting the Campagnolos is they always seem to find new tropical exotic fruits for us to try.  These Italians really know their food & it’s a wonder they aren’t all hugely overweight, but they are very active people & have been hard workers all their lives.  They are the most welcoming & joyful people we know & have enjoyed catching up with them once again.
We left Silkwood on the Tuesday in search of sunshine as we were becoming water logged & the ants were taking over the van.  We called into the Frosty Mango for morning tea & I had a mango smoothie & Deb had a lychee ice cream & lemon sorbet.  Evil but nice!  We then pulled into the Bluewater Free Camp just north of Townsville.  It’s a great spot with toilets, dump point, tap water and surrounded by a beautiful park and a creek.  The water hole looks very inviting but I’m a little reluctant to jump in this close to the coast.  We also had the added bonus of sunshine & after all the rain you can almost see the grass growing.



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